17 February 2018

West Bloomfield: Vitaly Beckman

From Detroit Jewish News:
Vitaly Beckman will perform Sunday, Feb. 18, at the Berman Center for the Performing Arts.

Vitaly Beckman easily remembers his first attempt at creating magical illusion.

Seven years old and living in the Soviet Union, he tried to imitate a magician he saw on television. The entertainer made a card castle appear under a handkerchief.

In a friend’s house at the time, Beckman noticed alphabet cubes and asked for a handkerchief. He put the cubes on his hand, assembled them like a castle and covered the pieces with a handkerchief just before his friend’s grandmother came into the room.

As soon as the woman appeared, Beckman pretended he didn’t see her and removed the handkerchief as if he made the cubes appear.

“She asked me how I did that,” Beckman recalls. “In reality, she probably played along, and I said that I created magic. I didn’t know why I said that, but many years later, I turned it into a career. For some reason, it seems like a prophesy.”

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16 February 2018

Toronto: Lior Suchard and Shin Lim

From the Ring 17 website:
Coming up in March, mentalist Lior Suchard and Canadian card-flipper extraordinaire Shin Lim will be appearing at Roy Thomson Hall.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto

Tickets at www.chaievent.ca

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15 February 2018

Ottawa: Happy 2nd birthday Magic Monday!

From the Magic Monday Facebook event:
Magic Monday celebrates its two year anniversary this month!

Join us for an extra special edition of Magic Monday headlined by the legendary Scott McClelland, creator of Carnival Diablo and The Paranormal Show!

Joining him on stage is the amazing Tyler Rourke and returning to host the show, the man who started it all, Mr. Steven Lafond!

14 February 2018

Mission: John Kaplan's "AbracaDAZZLE"

From the Fraser Valley Magic Circle Facebook page:

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13 February 2018

Milton: Outerbridge - Clockwork Mysteries

I had the pleasure of seeing Ted and Marion at this very theatre a couple of years back.  You can read about my experience at "Random thoughts on 'Outerbridge Clockwork Mysteries.'"

From the Milton Centre for the Arts:
March 14

Presented by FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton

Outerbridge: Clockwork Mysteries takes audiences on a magical journey through time from the first breathtaking illusion to the spectacular finale.

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From the Outerbridge: Clockwork Mysteries Milton Facebook event:

12 February 2018

Sleightly Sketchy: Steal*

Updated at 2:30pm to add a link to a post Shawn Farquhar made on Facebook today.

We're not even halfway through the second month of 2018 and already two significant conflicts regarding intellectual property (IP) rights have surfaced.  At the end of January, Shawn Farquhar posted his most recent encounter with IP theft.  A short seven days later, Michael Close posted this about his new Paradigm Shift ebooks.  (And six days after that, another incident identified in a FB post from Shawn.) And that's just Canadian magicians.

Scroll down to the end of this post to see how you can get involved in combating this type of piracy.

* With thanks to Kidlet for providing the inspiration for the last panel.

 From Michael Close's Facebook page:

11 February 2018

Do you market with darts?

From the article "Marketing Your Magic Business - Do you shoot guns or toss darts?" by Peter Mennie at Magician's Masterclass:
When developing your magic business marketing plan there are two potential strategies:  shotgun or darts.  In my experience, most magicians use the shotgun approach which targets a broad base of potential clients with little to no focus.
I prefer the second strategy called D.A.R.T. which stands for Directed At Responsive Targets.

Guns are loud, fired from far away and hurt or kill their prey. Darts are tossed at their targets from 10 feet away and everyone drinks when you hit the bulls-eye.

Let me explain.

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10 February 2018

FVMC: Awards and 2018-2020 executive

Congratulations to John Walls, Chris Yuill, Wes Barker, Caroline Elise, Gary Savard, Gord Boyes, Mike Nordon, David Wilson and Dave Watters!

From the Fraser Valley Magic Circle Facebook post:

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09 February 2018

Los Angeles: Carisa Hendrix lecture

From Purple Owl Productions:
Bubble Tech 2.0 with Carisa Hendrix

Learn the benefits of bubble shows and how you can incorporate them into your current routine!

What are those benefits you ask? Take a look:
Universal appeal: Equally impressive and enjoyable for a wide rage of ages, cultures and genders.
Can be done silently: I have a bubble show in English and French and could easily put together one in Spanish with minimal effort because so much of it can be done to music or silently.
Cost Effective: Bubble shows are inexpensive to create, highly portable, and play big.
Fluid Integration: Bubble Tricks can be added to an existing clown, circus or magic show or be a show all on their own.

Read more and order tickets.

From Purple Owl Productions Twitter feed:

08 February 2018

Bobby Motta at Crow's Theatre and his American television debut

From Crow's Theatre:
Canada’s most coveted mentalist and mind-reader Bobby Motta retruns to Crow's Theatre with his show Cryptic on February 21st and 22nd.

Hailed by the New York Times as “one of the top mentalists on the planet,” Bobby Motta rides the twists and turns of the human psyche in Cryptic. Bobby sets the stage with tricky mind play, manipulating show-goers with deceptively simple psychology, then he goes deeper, pulling audiences into his mysterious world with his ultra-thrilling style and mesmerizing techniques. He grabs hold and blurs the lines between reality and the paranormal realms as he pulls you in.

Bobby Motta is Canada's own master of the unknown who earns props from celbrities here and abroad, astouding stars like Russell Crowe and Nelly Furtado. His incredible ingenuity and stage effects have also made him one of the industry's most sought after consultants behind the scenes, loaning out his secrets and effect to the consulting teams for worls class magicians lke David Blaine and Criss Angel, and consulting on some of stage and TV's biggest productions.

Read more and buy tickets.

In case you missed it, watch Bobby's American television debut last Fall, as he entertains Steve Harvey.  From Bobby Motta's YouTube channel:

07 February 2018

Edmonton: Sheldon Casavant in "Sparks Fly. Magic Happens."

From Fort Edmonton Park:
Join us for an enchanting evening with one of Canada’s most sought-after performers, magician Sheldon Casavant. With sleight of hand and mind-captivating illusions, Sheldon has wowed audiences of all sizes around the world with his contemporary, awe-inspiring style of magic.

Celebrate an early Valentine’s Day with this fast-paced, interactive, and entrancing show (for you history buffs, there’s even some little known historical facts about the legendary magician Harry Houdini).

So grab your sweetheart or friends and make long-lasting memories together as items vanish, inanimate objects come to life, and impossible feats are overcome – right before your very eyes.

Read more and buy tickets.

From the Fort Edmonton Park Twitter feed:

06 February 2018

Alex Seaman, IBM nominee for International President-Elect

It seems like only last year, when we congratulated you on your then new position of Vice President of IBM!

Congratulations again Alex!  And thank you for all of your hard work.

From Alex's Facebook page:

05 February 2018

Toronto: Keith Brown at "The Newest Trick in the Book"

From Keith Brown's Twitter feed:
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04 February 2018

World record holding Canadian magicians

Late to the game, I recently learned that in 2012, Alberta's Caris Hendrix set a Guinness World Record for “longest duration fire torch teething”, Los Show Dei Record in Rome, Italy!

From Carisa's webstie:
On April 12th in Rome, Italy in front of a live audience I freaked out when I became a Guinness World Record Holder after successfully holding a flaming torch in my mouth for an incredible 2 minutes and 1 second.
Read more.

By my count, that puts the total of Canadian World Record holding magicians to eight! 
  • Doug The Great:  Heaviest Stilts Mastered.  [Guinness World Record]
  • Scott Hammell:  Highest Suspension Straight Jacket Escape. [Guinness World Record]
  • Lucas Wilson:  Fastest Suspension Straight Jacket Escape. [Guinness World Record - 2011]
  • Carisa Hendrix:  Longest duration fire torch teething. [Guinness World Record - 2012]
  • Michael Francis:  Most one-handed coin rolls in a minute. [Guinness World Record - 2013]
  • Mark Correia:  Longest Amount of Time Wearing a Straitjacket. [World Record - 2014] 
  • The Sentimentalists:  (Chris Mysterion and Steffi Kay) Most items transferred from one mentalist to another.  [World Record - 2017] 

03 February 2018

02 February 2018

Ryan Joyce interviews Joan Caesar

From Magic Masterclass:
Video profile and podcast with Joan Caesar, a retired teacher, magician and internationally recognized influencer in the world of magic.

In the podcast we talk about:
  • As a judge for the largest magic conventions in the world, Joan shares her perspective on what makes a great magic act.
  • We talk about her life as a magician.
  • We talk about women in magic and why it’s hard to be a woman in magic.
  • Why Joan founded the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM)
  • Which world-famous magician was Joan’s motivation to put Canada on the international stage for FISM (the Olympic’s of Magic)
Read more and listen to interview.

01 February 2018

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