23 February 2017

The Great Boomsky: Truro magician Isaac Willis

From The Chronicle Herald:
In the 1920s, a popular “professor” worked as a porter at the Truro train station. However this porter wasn’t a moonlighting academic.

Under the stage name of Professor Boomsky, he once mystified full houses at the world’s finest theatres. And before that, he worked at the White House.

Isaac Willis was born on Christmas Eve, 1879 in Alexandria, Va. By the age of two, he was living in Washington, D.C., where his father, a former cart driver, was a doorman at the White House. Eventually, Isaac joined his father, working there as a messenger boy.

By a twist of fate, Isaac caught the eye of Alexander Herrmann, a millionaire magician who lived a glamorous lifestyle befitting a modern-day rock star, complete with a yacht, private railcars, and a seaside mansion.

Herrmann, who often gave command performances for presidents and royalty, took notice of the charismatic Willis. In a flash, the White House needed a new messenger boy. The teen had signed on as Herrmann’s apprentice, assuming the role of Boomsky, the magician’s beloved stage assistant.

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21 February 2017

Will Zhang and Matt Stewart at TEDxUofT

From the Facebook page of TEDxUofT:

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20 February 2017

2017 Calgary Magic Circle Lecture Pass

From the Calgary Magic Circle:
If you don’t act on this, the Calgary Magic Circle is going to vanish.

Give it to me straight, doc. The Calgary Magic Circle has experienced dwindling participation at meetings and events for the past few years. People have their various reasons for not being a member, or not attending our regular meetings. I’m not going to get into that right now. Here’s the pressing issue…

Unless we get a major commitment of your attendance, the magic lecture series is going to be cancelled.

This is the tour that brings world champions and stars of magic like the legendary Michael Ammar, Spanish card master Dani DaOrtiz, children’s magic expert Danny Orleans, and many more to Calgary so they can share their magic, experience, and tricks of the trade. This tour is an opportunity for all Calgary magicians to grow in their art.

Right now we are in serious danger of losing it all.

It’s simple math. For the past three years the club has been losing money on every lecture. We’ve tried to keep ticket prices low, and affordable for our members. However, the cost of fees, flights and hotels for our guest presenters simply adds up far beyond ticket sales. The club has been scraping by on savings, subsidizing these events, but that source has dried up. Without immediate intervention, the well is dry and next year’s tour will be cancelled.

If you want the opportunity to get personal instruction from some of the best magicians in the world, you have to speak up now.

We need your commitment in order to sign on for the 2017 tour. The only way the CMC executive can sign the deal for next year is with your support for the ENTIRE year. Picking and choosing one or two lectures is not sustainable. To move forward, the only option is an annual lecture subscription.

With your support we have five more great lectures coming this year. To keep this amazing resource in Calgary, we’re asking you to make a commitment to all 5 lectures that will run from now until November.

Here’s what’s coming up
  • February 20th – Kenrick ICE McDonald
  • May 7th – Jon Allen
  • June 18th – 20th – “Silly Billy” David Kaye (Exact date TDB)
  • August 28th – Jörg Alexander
  • November 12th – Bizzaro (Exact date TDB)

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19 February 2017

Bobby Motta in City Life

From City Life:
The magician places a large dice in my hand, then takes my wrists and gives them a shake.

“Now open your hand. What number is it?” he asks.

It’s six.

“You have no idea what’s going on, do you?”

I absolutely do not.

“Don’t worry about it. I do weird things sometimes,” he says. Then he dangles my watch in front of my face, which I hadn’t even realized was missing from my wrist. “And here’s your watch back, by the way.”

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From the City Life Twitter feed:

From the Facebook page of Project Four Public Relations: